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Stainless Steel Single Sliding Shower Enclosure (Square)
Item No:Z-RC809-180

Material : Stainless Steel 304.

Finish :  SSS \ PSS \ MBL\ ORB

Unique 180 Degree System With Rollers Above and Below the Header Bar .

System Features One Sliding Door and One Fixed Panel .

For 5/16" or 3/8"(8 or 10mm) Glass Thick Tempered Glass .( Glass  Included, Glass style can choose).

The Rollers have a 1/8"(3.5 mm ) Up or Down Vertical Adjustment to Aid In Door Alignment .

Unique 180 degree system with rollers above the header bar , System features one sliding door and one fixed panel

Use of minimal hardware gives door an almost floating appearance , Specially designed roller bearings allow easy

opening and closing of door . The sliding door header kit default width is 72"(1830 mm ). Installers can cut the width to size ,

and height is optional as long as the sliding door . Glass weight less than 88 pounds (40 kg ).


Zimmor Glass Hardware

Details Determine Success Or Failure

Glass Style 

Zimmor Glass Hardware

Choose to suit your style of Glass, The default is the Clear Glass


Zimmor Glass Hardware

Standard Export Carton Package


Zimmor Glass Hardware

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Production Process
Zimmor Glass Hardware

The Real Quality And Strength Are Worthy Of Your Trust

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