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Item No:Quarter Circle Glass Shelves

1.Glass Types : Clear Temper Glass

2.Edge Finishes: Flat Polished

3.Glsss thickness: 3/8 (10mm)

4.Glass Shelves Sizes:  6"*6" , 8"*8"10"*10" ,12"*12" , 16"*16"  , Custom Size

Our corner shelves are a great way to maximize storage space while adding a contemporary look compared to wood shelves. Corner glass wall shelves can be used to complement entertainment centers, built-in wall units, closets, mantles, desks, display cases for collections, bookshelves, dining rooms, office spaces and more.


Quarter Circle Glass Shelf are a versatile way to bring some elegance to your home. If you are looking for an easy DIY project, putting up glass triangle shelves is perfect for beginners. Our triangle shelves are made from high-quality, tempered glass, so they are safe for installation anywhere. Each shelf is finished with a flat polish edge for a beautiful shine.

Stack more than one triangle shelf to create a unique display in the corner of your room. You can ever stagger sizes for an easy DIY shelf project.

Quarter Circle Glass Shelf  Measurements

We offer a range of shelf sizes, from large triangle shelves to small. The complete range is: 6"x6", 8"x8", 10"x 10", 12"x12" and 16"x16".

Don’t forget to purchase our high-quality shelf brackets to go with your triangle glass shelf. We sell them separately so that you can choose the exact look and style you like.You want to keep anything you choose to put on the shelves safe with the sturdiest and most supportive hardware that you can get.

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