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Item No: Rectangle Mirrors

1.Shape: Rectangle Mirrors

2.Available Sizes: 18"*40" , 20"*30", 24"*36", 30"*40" ,Custom Size .

3.Safety:Optional: Stick with explosion-proof film, which can play the role of

               Impact-resistant and shatterproof

4.Clarity: Ultra Clear Mirror

5.Mirror Thickness: Commonly used thickness 6mm

6.Edge Finishes: Flat Polished


Beautiful Rectangle mirrors are so versatile for your décor. Each mirror we make is crafted from ¼” thick mirror glass, The corners have been rounded slightly (radius corner) so that they are not sharp and dangerous.  

Here are a few ideas for where to use square mirrors in your home:

Small space bathroom vanities

Side-by-side for a larger-format tiled look

As a backsplash in your kitchen

Above a fireplace, either installed on the wall or leaning

In your bedroom above your backboard

As a table or furniture cover for a side table

Our Rectangle mirrors can be used as bathroom vanity mirrors. Two placed side-by-side in a dual vanity situation will look great, especially in smaller bathrooms where a square format works better than a rectangle.

You can even place two directly side-by-side for a more seamless look. High-quality, substantial-looking glass mirrors from A classic look crafted with precision glass-cutting machinery pairs with high-quality raw materials to produce a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece.

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