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Item No:Oval Mirrors

1.Shape: Oval Mirrors

2.Available Sizes: 22"*30" , 24"*36", 22"*39", 24"*48" ,Custom Size .

3.Safety:Optional: Stick with explosion-proof film, which can play the role of

          Impact-resistant and shatterproof

4.Clarity: Ultra Clear Mirror

5.Mirror Thickness: Commonly used thickness 6mm

6.Edge Finishes: Flat Polished


This beveled oval mirror has its edge carefully cut and polished with a 1-inch angle, thin on the outer edge, then increasing gradually to one inch.

With Hooks Included: When attached to the wall via the provided clips the outer surface of the mirror sits about 

1/2" from the wall.No Hooks Included: This mirror does not come with attachment hardware, 

you canattach this mirror with clips that fasten around the edges or mastic. Your choice of attachment needs to be purchased separately. This beveled mirror has its edge carefully cut and polished on a 1-inch angle.

Safety features

This mirror has a safety backing. It means that if your mirror breaks, it will not shatter and leave the dangerous

broken glass. Instead, the mirror glass remains adhered to the safety backing.

Glass Edge Work Options

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 Carton Package

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