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Item No:Gym Mirrors

Each gym mirror kit includes a rectangle mirror, a set of chrome round mirror clips

1.Shape: Rectangle

2.Available Sizes: 36" x 60", 36" x 72", 48" x 72" , , custom Size

3.Safety:Optional: Stick with explosion-proof film, which can play the role of

            Impact-resistant and shatterproof

4.Clarity: Ultra Clear Mirror

5.Mirror Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm

6.Edge Finishes: Flat Polished

7.Hardware:Included, Chrome


Gym Mirrors for Your Business

Gym mirrors are a great choice for your business – whether you own a gym, dance studio, or any fitness space. Easily configured for a variety of activity spaces, our mirrors are easy to install yourself – or have your contractor do it for you.Here are a few types of businesses where  gym mirrors can be used:

1.Gyms and fitness centers

2.Yoga studios

3.Pilates studios

4.Ballet studios

5.Dance studios

6.Martial arts studios


If you're a dancer, yogi, or gymnast looking to check your form; if you're a weightlifter looking to refine your lift; or if you're a dancer looking to check out your sweet moves, our high-quality large gym mirrors are perfect for you. Your home gym or workout room will benefit from easy-to-install kits with all the mirror installation materials you'll need including inside the package. You can place the gym mirrors side-by-side to create a commercial gym feeling in your basement, garage or other space.

Gym Mirrors Installation Guide

Creating the perfect home, garage, or basement gym begins with the following steps:

First, figure out how many gym mirrors you'll need. We offer gym mirror kits that are discounted based on the number of mirrors you purchase.

Then, figure out the layout of your mirrors. We make specific recommendations for where to mount gym mirrors on your wall.

Finally, use the included gym mirror kit contents to install your new gym mirrors. They're easy to install with the included materials, so they make a great weekend DIY project!

Product Description

After the mirror is covered with explosion-proof film,These shatter-resistant mirrors are best-suited for home gyms, commercial gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, yoga studios,

 exercise rooms – anywhere safety and clarity are your priority. Our beautiful frameless wall mounted gym mirrors are the clear choice for your safety. See the video for proof:


 Carton Package

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