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Item No:Rectangle Table Tops

A Rectangle Glass Table Top is the perfect glass table top whether it's a large dining room table, side table, coffee table, or patio table. Rectangle glass table tops are not only stylish but versatile. This means you can use them both as a protective topping surface on existing furniture or depend on the thickness of your rectangle glass table top – it can also be used as the whole glass surface of your table.

You will be able to find the rectangle glass table top that is right for you – with our wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and edges to choose from. Including safety features such as tempered glass for added strength.  If you are looking for a different glass tint or any special shape, you can customize to your needs here or live chat with us!

Regular thickness: 6/10/12mm , custom thickness

Regular Glass Table Tops Sizes

24"*36" / 24"*48 " / 30"*60" / 36"*48" / 36"*60" / 36*72" / 42"*72" / 48"*72 "  ,More also can custom size


This beautiful rectangle glass table top can be used as a protective top surface on an existing table,desk, patio table or coffee table.You can also place it on a wooden, stone, glass or marble base.

The options are endless. The edges of the glass are 1' bevel polished to provide a smooth finish. 

It’s tempered option creates strength and durability that will not break into dangerous sharp glass shards. 

This type of glass is also known as safety glass and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

 We guarantee 100% superior craftsmanship and quality!

Glass Thickness Options:

1/4" Thick Glass: Suitable mainly for table covers and table protectors.

3/8" Thick Glass: Slightly less thick than the 1/2" glass, and usually comes with a beveled edge.

1/2" Thick Glass: The thickest glass available on our site; sturdy and durable. 

        Usually comes with a beveled edge.

Glass Style 

Choose to suit your style of Glass


 Carton Package

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