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19mm Diameter Round Tubing Back To Back Shower Pull Handle With Washers
Item No:Z-5310

19mm Diameter Round Tubing Back To Back  Shower  Pull Handle With Washers

1. 3/4"(19mm) Diameter Brass Tubing

2. Designed for 1/4"(6mm) and 1/2"(12mm)Glass

3. 6"-30" Center Spacing All Available

Downloadable Documents

Product Glass Cut Product Drawing


1.Package: White Box/Color Box Offer
2.Service: OEM / ODM
3.Finish: CP,BN,SCP,ORB Finish Available
4.Transportation: Ships, Air
5.Logo Service: Customized is available


1. Hotel, Villa, Office building, Shopping Mall, Entertainment Building, Courtyard, Bathroom, etc.
2. Home Decoration, Glass Door, Frameless Glass Door, Shower Door, Bathroom, etc.

Care & Cleaning Guidelines

For best results, keep the following recommendations in mind when caring for your shower door hardware. Your shower door should be dried daily with a soft towel or cloth to ensure its original finish.

Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the hardware, as many of the components are coated with a clear lacquer that will become damaged beyond repair. Always test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the entire hardware surface.

Wipe surfaces clean using a soft, dampened cloth or sponge, and rinse completely with warm water immediately after applying the cleaning solution. Use only small amounts of liquid, gentle, cleaner. Never use abrasive products, sponges, or wire scrub brushes while cleaning hardware.

All Finishes Available

Installation Case
Zimmor Glass Hardware

Product range: suitable for bathroom accessories in various places

- Home -

- Hotel -

- Public -

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Product Details
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Production Process
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The Real Quality And Strength Are Worthy Of Your Trust

Zimmor Glass Hardware

The Real Quality And Strength Are Worthy Of Your Trust

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